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Let Your Voice Standout

Sacramento, California Voice Lessons

What better way is there to learn to sing with confidence and proper technique than from an accomplished professional? Students at For Singing Out Loud in Fair Oaks, California are instructed by a caring and experienced vocal coach. Pam has been teaching voice lessons for over 24 years in Chico, CA and has recently moved to the Sacramento Area to continue her passion of teaching music. In addition to her many years as an instructor, Pam has performed in a wide variety of theater performances and shows and can teach her music students how to stand out in the crowd.

Pam focuses on training with proper breathing and vocal support techniques. Whether working with children or adults, Pam has the experience and patience to help her students reach their musical potential and learn needed skills to help them obtain their goals.

Look What Pam's Students Are Saying!

Kathy Robinson
Kathy's review - Pam is gifted with both musical talent and patience! She has coaxed things out of me vocally that I didn't think were possible.
I highly recommend her services!

Sarah Pilakowski 

Rebecca Allen

Sarah's review - I have not been taking voice lessons very long, but so far I am excited right before going to a lesson because I know that I am going to learn so much!

Rebecca's Review - Pam is such a wonderful voice teacher! I feel that each time I work with her, I improve more and more! She really works hard with you until you get your songs perfect. I am thrilled to be one of her many students!

Christi Johnson
Christi's review - I have taken lessons with Pam since I was a small thing.
I stopped for a couple of years. During those years, I ended up auditioning for another show, a musical. After the audition, I realized just how terrible my singing was. I went back to lessons with Pam and have done very well ever since. She is a great teacher and friend. I love voice lessons with Pam!

Caleb Johnson
Caleb's review- Voice lessons to me are a day to day challenge of vocal proportions. Challenging my voice to go higher or lower, under the great guidance of Mrs Thornton. It's great fun getting to sing and learn.

Roxy Meyers 

Roxy's review - Singing lessons are so much fun! Pam has such good songs to learn!

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It takes years of practice and guidance from an experienced vocal coach to bring out the best of each aspiring singer. Pam will provide in depth instruction on proper singing techniques, voice projection and much more. Whether you're casual or professional, vocal training can be a fun and exciting journey.

Contact us at [email protected] or 916-967-7156 to schedule your first voice lesson.